Saturday, June 25, 2011

Interested in a career with the government?

...but you aren't a sociopath? Don't worry, there are lots of other positions in government that don't require extreme psychological disorders. You can grope people and dig through their dirty underwear as a proud employee of the TSA... or you can join the police and shake down people for money whenever they break any one of the thousands of rules.

Not for you? Why not join the mainstream media. But, that's not a part of government, you say? Don't be so naive, of course it is!

No experience writing propaganda? Don't worry! You can start today with this quick and easy tutorial. As an added bonus we'll show you how to manipulate government statistics to impoverish the slaves - sorry, citizens... never call them slaves in public - all in one quick & easy lesson.

Let's begin!

First, read the first three paragraphs from this recent Dow Jones "news" article:

"Lawmakers are considering changing how the Consumer Price Index is calculated, a move that could save perhaps $220 billion and represent significant progress in the ongoing federal debt ceiling and deficit reduction talks.

According to congressional aides familiar with the discussions, the proposal would shift how the Consumer Price Index is calculated to reflect how people tend to change spending patterns when prices increase. For example, consumers tend to drive less when gas prices increase dramatically.

Such a move is widely seen by economists as resulting in a slower rise in inflation. That would impact an array of federal programs that are linked to CPI including the Social Security program and income tax brackets set by the federal government."

Elderly woman asked to remove adult diaper during TSA search

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