Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's The End Of College

PIMCO's Bill Gross joins the chorus of big names who say college isn't worth it in his latest investment letter.
Gross says college was always a joke, but at least it used to get you a job:
All of us who have been there know an undergraduate education is primarily a four year vacation interrupted by periodic bouts of cramming or Google plagiarizing, but at least it used to serve a purpose. It weeded out underachievers and proved at a minimum that you could pass an SAT test. For those who made it to the good schools, it proved that your parents had enough money to either bribe administrators or hire SAT tutors to increase your score by 500 points. And a degree represented that the graduate could “party hearty” for long stretches of time and establish social networking skills that would prove invaluable later on at office cocktail parties or interactively via Facebook. College was great as long as the jobs were there.
But now the jobs are gone:

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