Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Europe’s struggle to survive: A devastating human toll

Markets may be focused on Europe's struggle to bring its debts under control, but on the streets there's a struggle to survive.
The financial crisis, recession and, now, harsh cutbacks have led to despair amid wretched levels of unemployment and ever greater austerity measures in the Old World. Pushed by markets and ratings agencies, governments are demanding more and more from their people. Consider that:

Reported suicides in Greece have just about doubled during the country's crisis, The Wall Street Journal notes today.
Greece is hobbled by a jobless rate of about 16 per cent, Spain by about 20 per cent.
According to reports last week, some drugs, including those used to fight cancer, have been withheld from some Greek hospitals that are late in their payments.
Emigration, oft cited as the blight of Ireland, is rising sharply, according to the country's Central Statistics Office.

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