Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Worst Is Yet to Come

When times get desperate; as the economy crumbles; as it becomes clear the progressive scam is ending; the oldest trick in the book is to demonize the victims. It has only just begun.

So with this successful track record, I thought perhaps a few more predictions from my crystal ball would be helpful:

Europe is within days of a massive economic implosion that will put the entire global economy at risk of economic disaster. The Greek bailout is now in tatters. The EU is about to break apart. European banks are insolvent. There isn’t enough money in all the world to save the EU. This will set off a chain reaction of epic proportions across the globe.
At least the EU downfall is good for one thing. They are Exhibit A proving that the toxic cesspool of big government, big taxes, big spending, big unions, fat pensions, early retirement, and too many people working for government is poison to any country’s economic survival. The EU experiment proves that government is too big to succeed. Unfortunately Obama’s model for America is Europe.
The bad news is Europe won’t go down without a fight . . . with America’s money. The result of this economic Armageddon will be “the mother of all bailouts.” I predict Bernanke and the Fed will team with central bankers all over the world to create the biggest coordinated economic rescue in world history.

Call it QE3. Call it “the mother of all bailouts.” Call it “Stimulus Squared.” The name doesn’t matter. The dollars involved will be the headline grabber. Trillions of dollars of artificial money will be pumped into the system in a desperate attempt to save the world economy. This will be the biggest government intervention in world history. And as always — it will fail miserably.

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