Monday, September 26, 2011

Your Silver Pacifier

There is massive fear in the silver market. Every time the price of silver moves down a tick the sweat begins to bead up on the brows of silver investors and the dark FEAR of investing doubt fills their thoughts. "Oh my God, have I made the wrong decision again?"..."What was I thinking buying silver when it was so close to it's all time high price?"..."Maybe I should sell some silver to take some of my winnings off the table". Ultimately it is FEAR and not GREED that drives the big moves in price of all investments and right now FEAR is the motivator for silver investors. But very soon that same FEAR will be the driver of silver blasting off to the moon!
If you are strong enough to remove the FEAR from your mindset the picture of what is happening to the price of silver is much more clear. As a matter of fact, we have seen this price action for the last 10 years over and over and over again. Silver has risen and fallen to extremes consistently all the way up to $50/oz. The mainstream media loves to point out how silver is "much more volatile" than gold and is a much riskier investment. Of course they never give reasons as to why a commodity with very, very stable mine production and stable industrial consumption is so volatile. They are hoping that you are not smart enough to ask the important is the silver market rigged? And if so how is it done, why are they doing it and when will it end?
For those who follow my work at you understand the answers to these questions and are not swayed by the volatility of silver. For those unfamiliar with the Road to Roota Theory I'd suggest you read this article that explains it but FAIR WARNING...this may shatter your illusions of "Free Markets" and how the world is SUPPOSED to work!

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