Monday, November 21, 2011

The government is getting prepared. What about you?

Did you hear about the latest civil unrest in Syria?  Police in full riot gear swarmed peaceful students who were staging a completely non-violent, human-chain sit-in at a university campus.
The Syrian police came up at point-blank range and hosed these kids down with pepper spray. If you've never been assaulted with pepper spray before, let me assure you that it is easily one of the most uncomfortable experiences you could ever go through in your entire life.
It was a truly disgusting display-- meeting peace with violence and brutality. Just the sort of thing you would expect from an oppressive regime like Syria.

Except... it wasn't in Syria. It was in California... right here in the land of the free.
This sort of thing has become totally commonplace. A few days ago, a Tampa, FL newspaper published a photograph of their local police force's latest and greatest piece of equipment-- a 12-ton armored personnel carrier (APC). In laymen's terms, it's basically a tank.


Needless to say, the cops rolled it out, proudly displaying it in an upscale Tampa neighborhood. Never mind that the APC tracks destroy city streets at taxpayer expense...

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