Thursday, November 24, 2011

Two Of The Largest Financial Banking Institutions On Brink of COLLAPSE

UNCONFIRMED: Two of the world's largest financial institutions are on the brink of collapse - one of them facing bankruptcy by end of January 2012. Both of these firms are heavily exposed to JUNK EUROPEAN DEBT and they are classed as TBTF. Inside sources say that a THIRD bank is also involved - and the third bank is NOT based in Greece, Spain or Italy - but in the UK. The systemic risk posed by this UK firm is estimated as MF Global x 10 - placing many hedge funds at huge risk. <----- (I have no idea whether the information is true, I cannot confirm it, but I can say it comes from reliable and trusted inside City sources. I cannot disclose any names of firms for legal reasons). My feeling is this information may be priced in since Monday's decline.

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