Monday, December 12, 2011

Buy Silver! Buy Gold! Buy Now!

Take this move as your warning that you have very little time left before a financial catastrophe cripples a major swath of the global economy. It simply isn’t possible to now predict when the dominos will start to fall. You may have a year or more, or just months, or maybe only a few days.

Before these calamities hit, it is time to think like a survivalist. The public unrest in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Greece, Italy, and Spain this year could be just a sample of what could develop around the world, including cities, towns, and villages in the US.

Take action now. That means stock up on food, medical supplies, water filters, and other necessities. It may make sense to acquire a generator or weapons and ammunition (though make sure to get proper training with weapons if you chose to own them). I have seen some people advocating barter goods like cigarettes and liquor. Those would not suit me, but they might be worth considering.

Above all, make sure to buy silver and buy gold! Specifically I mean buy bullion-priced physical forms of gold and silver and take immediate possession of them. Buy them is small size units to be more divisible, such as one ounce or smaller for gold or ten ounces or smaller for silver. Gold and silver are almost universal forms of barter goods because of their multi-thousand year history being used as money.

As long as the gold/silver ratio is above 40, I recommend purchasing a higher proportion of silver than gold. With the ratio between 25 and 40, I suggest spending about an equal amount on both metals. At a gold/silver ration below 25, I urge you to acquire a higher proportion of gold.

I don’t want to come across as an alarmist. But the desperate actions taken by major governments, central banks, and multinational banks on November 30 require immediate attention and action to protect yourself. I wish you well.

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