Friday, February 17, 2012

America’s Slide into Greece

President Obama, in a scandalous show of bad faith and dereliction of his sworn duty, proposed a phony FY 2013 budget plan this week that increases spending from $3.8 trillion in 2013 to $5.8 trillion in 2022.

True to his New Deal socialist antecedents, the Obama budget will add to the bloated size and scope of the federal government and the national debt. Each American’s share of this debt is now $49, 211.27.

Here is a right-on comment about the Obama budget by Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer:

“The president knows that we are headed over a cliff. He just wants to get past Election Day as he does on everything. But this is a budget worthy of Greece and for the president of the United States to offer it knowing how dire our situation is, is truly scandalous.”
If You Spent Like Obama…

For a stunning revelation of what the $3.8 trillion Obama budget would mean in the understandable numbers of an average family who followed his example, see the ABC News analysis by Jake Tapper.

If your budget followed Obama’s example it would mean a family budget as follows (with comparable Obama budget numbers at right):

Total family spending: $38,000 $3.8 trillion Obama spending

Total family income: $29,000 $2.9 trillion Obama deficit for 2013

Total new debt: $9,000 $9 trillion new Obama debt added

Existing credit card debt: $153,000 $15.3 U.S. national debt

Quite obviously, no family could live like this — and neither can the United States for very much longer. Yet the president, who apparently thinks Americans are all ignorant dolts, told us he was “cutting” spending in his phone budget!
Fat Phony Budget, Non-Existent Cuts

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