Friday, March 9, 2012

Both Germany and Switzerland want their Gold Back from N.Y. Fed. The U.S. has gone to War over this type of thing. What will they do now, since there is no Gold?

Well, I believe things are getting more and more interesting.

Both Germany and Switzerland have come out saying they want their Gold back from storage at the N.Y. Fed.

Considering the U.S. went into Iraq over trading oil outside of the dollar, Libya for daring to talk about trading oil for a gold backed currency. Let's not forget Iran now wanting to trade oil for gold and by passing the dollar, so now the U.S. is ready to start a war there.

With Germany and Switzerland wanting their Gold back from the U.S., what is the U.S. going to do? They can't exactly invade those countries. So is their other option is to invade other countries around the world that have their own gold stored in the country to get enough to give Germany and Switzerland?


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