Friday, April 27, 2012

Strip Search For ANY OFFENCE?

The US Supreme Court recently approved by a 5-4 vote to allow police to do a full strip search for any offense, no matter how minor.

You can now be stripped naked and your butt inspected for not wearing a seatbelt. Check it out. Justice Kennedy, the swing vote said that by allowing cops to strip search anyone eliminates discriminatory practices. "If everybody is stripped searched there won't be a reason for people to suspect they may have been discriminated".

Right, right, like a Justice will be arrested for participating in a demonstration and have his anus inspected for drugs. Not a chance.

This is the United States, the land of opportunity, the leader of the free world. This sentence plus the latitude for cops to arrest anyone for no reason and law abiding citizens being held without habeas corpus have turned the US into a banana republic.

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