Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Western North American Babies Put at Risk From Fukushima

Newly revealed tapes, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, show the unconscionable failure of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to protect California infants from radioactive fallout from the meltdowns at the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.
As reported by Energy News.com, NRC officials on March 17, 2011 candidly discussed the reliability of an estimated dose projection of iodine-131 prepared by DITTRA  (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) and NARAC (National Atmospheric Release  Advisory  Center).  The projections had calculated an annual thyroid dose of 40,000 Microsieverts  (or 4 REM) for infants under one year of age in California. The NRC was not satisfied with figures provided by DITTRA and NARAC and engaged in ordering another set of tests other than those sanctioned by the Department of Energy. NRC officials are heard repeatedly stating they will not be releasing the information to the public. The shocking transcript can be read, here.
Per the US Department of Health and Human Services division of Radiation Emergency Medical Management division (REMM), a child’s dose of 5 REM is immediate grounds for evacuation and prophylactic measures.  (REMM does not specifically reference an infant dose) Thus, the projected government dose of 4 rem was 80% of the suggested evacuation rate.
The modeling was based on facts and assumptions specific to circumstances known as of March 17 , 2011. It is unclear if the projections were met or exceeded.  No government agency has released an adequate volume of information to either refute or support what the actual fallout rates were in California or elsewhere. Yet, with California in the wind path of the Japanese nuclear disaster— public concern is deeply warranted. Unfortunately, most  government-based testing, such as efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency, relating to testing Fukushima fallout stopped in June of 2011. Yet, the Fukushima Nuclear Complex continues to spew significant amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and Pacific Ocean with no clear end in sight.  Main Stream Media often refers to the problem of Fukushima in the past tense compounding the public information gap.  Proof of the continuing problem is largely tasked by citizen based reporting.  A commendable example of this is Los Angeles based reporter Michael Collins, who regularly posts radiation readings and conducts radiation testing on his website EnviroReporter.com. This past week he reported the highest levels yet of radiation from Fukushima in Southern California.


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