Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Modern-day Nostradamus' Warns U.S. of Doom

In the book, Rosenberg explores whether the United States – long the wealthiest, most powerful nation in history – is an empire in decline or a nation poised for a historic renaissance. The book asks whether America’s religious past can be repeated today with a Third Great Awakening, or whether the rise of China, Russia and other nations, coupled with America’s internal struggles, will plunge the country into terminal decline.
The book comes as the nation faces soaring federal debt, severe economic turmoil, political uncertainty, declining morality, a weak church, growing spiritual apathy and apostasy, a spate of historic natural disasters and many other daunting challenges.
Rosenberg comes to the same conclusion about an imminent reckoning for the U.S. that’s revealed in “The Harbinger” book and the “Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” video. Is God sending us critical messages for our very survival as a people?

Many Americans have come to believe that the U.S. has entered a period of severe and potentially irreversible decline and fear the nation is in serious risk of economic and social collapse, Rosenberg wrote.
In the book, he cites several startling polls. A 2008 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found 73 percent of Americans believe the U.S. is in a state of decline. A 2010 Fox News Poll found nearly 80 percent of Americans believe the U.S. economy could collapse entirely. And a 2011 CNN poll found nearly half of all Americans fear the U.S. is heading for another Great Depression.
In “Implosion,” Rosenberg outlines the reasons why the U.S. faces a real and growing risk of collapse.
Economically, the nation is more than $15 trillion in debt and is fast approaching $65 trillion worth of unfunded liabilities – promises the government has made regarding Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that it can’t afford, Rosenberg says.
Further, America has lost 53 million children to abortion since 1973.
“That’s horrific in its own right – murder in my view,” Rosenberg says. “But on top of that, as if that weren’t bad enough, it’s having an economic affect that liberals didn’t intend, which is if you build a social welfare system in which young people pay the bills of older people through taxes and then you kill 53 million younger workers you are going to have a crisis.”
Meanwhile, the nation’s ‘horrible pornography industry,” which exports its lurid materials worldwide, earns more money than NBC, ABC and CBS combined, Rosenberg says.
Morally and spiritually, marriages and families are imploding as the foreclosure and economic crises exact unexpected consequences, Rosenberg says. A Federal Reserve report released earlier this week found the median wealth of families dropped 39 percent from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010.
“You can feel that, but the idea of an economic collapse is hard for people to grasp,” Rosenberg says. “They say, ‘Well, we’re not really Greece.’ But in terms of our families, we see that. We can see the family imploding. The question is this: Is there a point at which we hit a tipping point and all of this economic, cultural and moral trouble sends us into a death spiral we can’t get out of.
“The question, in a broader sense, is there a point at which God can no longer show us grace and mercy as a country, but will remove his hand of favor or actually set in motion judgment.”
In the book, Rosenberg chronicles a growing national discussion of whether American society could implode.
In 2010 during an interview with former U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H. – onetime chairman of the Senate Budget Committee – Fox News host Greta Van Susteren raised the possibility that the economy could “implode.”
“That’s right,” Gregg told Van Susteren. “That’s exactly what’s going to happen.”

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