Thursday, July 19, 2012

‘No Big Deal’ Bernanke Admits To Criminal LIBOR Cover Up

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke nonchalantly admits to participating in criminal conspiracy of helping the banks cover up LIBOR manipulation like it was no big deal.

In the two-tiered judicial system where rich men make laws in secret that only apply to the rest of us that America has become I guess it is no big deal.
If there is still a federal prosecutor with a single ounce of integrity in them all of these crooks will be going to jail for a very, very long time because, while most don’t realize it, this is likely the biggest robbery in history.
Rick Santelli of CNBC didn’t take the admission to lightly and in this 90 second clip he blasts Bernanke: “Manipulation is Manipulation” as he rants about why these people should all be locked up.
h/t The Daily Bail  <<<<Click here for video)

Good clip from yesterday. Runs just 90 seconds.
A measured rant on Bernanke’s admission of knowledge of LIBOR manipulation.
A crime is a crime unless the New York Fed ignores it… and then it’s merely a putrid, rotting carcass of a tree that financial media puppets will swear to you never fell.

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