Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quick Summary of the Sheriff Joe 2.0 National Security Press Conference

Sheriff Joe Arapaio followed up on his March press conference which concluded a six month investigation into the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate and his Selective Service card. What was not known at that time was if the birth certificate presented was totally fabricated, significantly altered, or merely was an original form that was filled in long after the original certificate was issued.

The summary:

Obama could not have been born at the Kapiolani hospital due to the The “Nordyke Twin” birth certificate numbering curiosity. However, the form itself indicates that the birth was recorded from outside of Hawaii.
A former clerk whose signature is on Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate verified that there was zero chance the electronic documented presented by White House was the original. Many fields were filled in AFTER the original birth certificate had been certified
The State of Hawaii has laws and Jerome Corsi uncovered correspondence confirming that foreign nationals could obtain birth certificates WITHOUT BEING BORN IN HAWAII. Worse, ANY ADULT – not even one related to the child – could record a “birth” simply by presenting information that mother or father was a “resident” (not even a citizen) of Hawaii.
The State of Hawaii only will affirm that they have A RECORD OF BIRTH on file, but NOT that the information is accurate.
Hawaii refuses to show it to anyone which violating their own laws, especially when it is being requested by law enforcement of another jurisdiction.
The State of Hawaii confirms that they did not provide the PDF document to the White House, meaning that what the White House offered as “proof” was in itself an altered – and illegitimate.
The Kapiolani hospital had a log, right outside the delivery room, that was maintained by a nurse during the time Obama claims to have been born there. The log is reported to be in the hospital archives, but hospital officials refuse to show it to them. Ironically, those archives are supposed to be open to the public.

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